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25.11.2014 - NF-F12 industrialPPC-2000 PWM
Verdict du test: "In the end, all of these fans are worthy of the 'Recommended' award because they work well and you can count on them to do so for years to come. They also earn the 'Whisper Quiet' award because they can all operate in near silence while still providing excellent cooling. And finally, they earn the 'Great Idea' award, because it is great to see the Noctua line expanding to incorporate different options - and colors." (Jason Kohrs,

25.11.2014 - NH-D15
Verdict du test: "The best CPU air cooler we've ever tested. Period" (Siddhant Sharma,

25.11.2014 - NH-D15
Verdict du test: "الأداء هنا ممتاز جدا حيث انه يقدم أداء بفارق بسيط عن (درجتين الى أربعة درجات) عن المشتتات المائية المغلقة." (عن محمد سعد,

24.11.2014 - No Review Left Behind NH-D15
Verdict du test: "If your wallet and your computer case can handle such a behemoth of a cooler (165mm in height) then I can't recommend the D15 enough." (Miguel Coelho, No Review Left Behind)