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    Kann ich mit dem Kühler Corsair Dominator RAM verwenden?

    Der Kühler kann auf manchen Mainboards über die Speicherbänke ragen. Während DDR2 Corsair Dominator Module nicht unter den Kühler passen, passen DDR3 Corsair Dominator Module problemlos, wenn der abnehmbare Kühler an der Oberseite entfernt wurde.


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05.03.2015 - NH-D9L
Testurteil: "If you are building a small form factor system or even have a rackmount system and you are looking for a good air cooler that will not have any size restrictions then the NH-D9L is a great choice." (Bob Buskirk,

03.03.2015 - NH-D9L
Testurteil: "The Noctua NH-D9L packs alot of cooling in a little package. If you are needing to save the space but do not want to sacrifice performance the dual fan setup competes pretty close to the big behemoth coolers." (Chris McCart,

03.03.2015 - NF-A4x10 5V
Testurteil: "Overall, I believe Noctua makes an excellent product. There really isn’t anything I can complain about except for the price, and even then the price is understandable. If you need good air flow, low noise and have a small form factor case that needs some better fans, I could definitely recommend what Noctua has to offer here." (Josh Jackson,

03.03.2015 - NH-U9S
Testurteil: "Given these height and footprint size restrictions, the Noctua NH-U9S is a pretty quiet heatsink that offers very good thermal performance in the sub-125mm tall heatsink category, making it an excellent choice for PCs which are severely space limited. The results are enhanced by adding a second fan, as we've shown over the course of this review. Couple that with awesome build quality and a 6 year warranty and it's not hard to recommend this cooler." (Max Page,