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    TechTesters Review
    20.10.2014: TechTestersflag

    NH-L12 Review

    "Je kan Noctua koelers bijna blindelings reviewen. Aan de prijs, een stevig pakket extra’s, een bijzonder verzorgde verpakking en installatie, uitmuntende bouwkwaliteit van alle onderdelen, en uitstekende koel- en geluidsprestaties. Althans dat is de verwachting ook wanneer je met de NH-L12 begint te werken, en gelukkig stelt hij wat dat betreft niet teleur. Het kunnen vertrouwen op een merknaam is een zeldzame kunst wat dat betreft, en verdient ook een positieve kanttekening."

    Testurteil: "De NH-L12 is net als z’n broertjes en zusjes bedoeld is als een product voor echte liefhebbers die graag iets meer uitgeven om net die beetje extra prestaties te halen, of die de typische Noctua-ervaring reeds waarderen, en met dat in het achterhoofd doet de NH-L12 het zoals verwacht uitstekend." (Stephan Overbeeke, TechTesters)
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    08.10.2014: HWready.itflag

    NH-L12 Review

    "Il modello L9i è davvero molto un prodotto interessante per quanto piccolo fa il suo dovere. I due fratelli maggiori NH-C14 – NH-L12 sono davvero potenti, il modello C14 è un pochino ingombrante, prima di acquistare accertarsi sempre dell’eventuale compatibilità con le RAM, non ci si deve dimenticare che monta 2 ventole da 140mm e questa sua caratterista lo rende anche paurosamente efficiente."

    Testurteil: "Solito standard qualitativo di Noctua, l’azienda Autriaca non delude mai. Silenziosi, performanti e di alta qualità, per non parlare dei Bundle sempre completi." (Santoro Luigi,
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    10.09.2014: Tweaks.plflag

    NH-L12 Review

    "Cooler poradził sobie bardzo dobrze z dwoma wentylatorami umożliwiając pracę na 4,2GHz. W trybie „low profile” (tylko dolny wentylator) udało się schłodzić procesor poddany lekkiemu OC."

    Testurteil: "Noctua NH-L12 jest wydajnym coolerem, w trybie 'low profile' poradzi sobie bez problemu z procesorem klasy Core i5, z dwoma wentylatorami będzie można się pokusić o podkręcanie procesora, nawet do 4,2GHz. Mimo wysokich częstotliwości procesora Noctua pracuje cicho. Karta graficzna i zasilacz bez problemu zagłuszą dźwięki wydawane przez wentylatory. Typowo dla Noctua wykonanie jest wzorowe, a wyposażenie bogate." (Marcin Żyto,
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    27.06.2014: PCMag.comflag

    NH-L12 Review

    "Our test results showed that the Voltair V3 is the more powerful cooler. At full fans, it kept the Intel Core i7-4770K down to just 65 degrees Celsius, compared with 80 degrees Celsius for the NH-L12. It was, however, substantially louder than the NH-L12."

    Testurteil: "The best way to think about the Noctua NH-L12 is as a cooler that delivers excellent performance and fits into smaller form factors than many of the larger coolers on the market. If you want best-in-class air-cooling performance, there are other options from Noctua and other popular cooler manufacturers. But for users with smaller chassis who want a balance of size, performance, and quiet operation, the Noctua NH-L12 is worth serious consideration." (Joel Hruska,
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    20.06.2014: HalTechTV.comflag

    NH-L12 Review

    "The NH-L12 is a truly beautiful piece of kit(with both fans on that is) and just like every other product I have reviewed from Noctua, there really isn't a weak spot in quality. It can offer different fan combinations that will suit a variety of different cases which makes the NH-L12 a good option for those people who look at products like their PSU's, coolers, fans and such as being products they continue to use in system after system. Even if you dont plan on going compact now, you may in the future."

    Testurteil: "To summarise, The NH-L12 performs well, is good value and offers wide compatibility among many variables, what more could you ask for from a CPU cooler?" (Hal Thompson, HalTechTV)

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26.03.2015 - NH-L9x65
Testurteil: "65 mm yükseklikle sınırlı kalan bu işlemci soğutucusu son derece sessiz ve HTPC sistemler için ideal." (Gorkem Yildirim,

26.03.2015 - NH-U9S
Testurteil: "Den er meget støjsvag ved standardfrekvensen, og selv ved et OC på 4,2 Ghz larmer den ikke vildt meget." (Kim Monberg,

25.03.2015 - NH-U9S
Testurteil: "If you are in the market for a cooler that will not suck up volume inside your case, look no further because the NH-U9S will blow your mind with the cooling capabilities at this size." (Chris McCart,

25.03.2015 - NH-L9x65
Testurteil: "Auf einem kleineren System kann der Kühler eine sehr gute Leistung bringen, welche fast an die Leistung eines Top-Blow-Kühlers mit einem 120-mm-Lüfter herankommt." (Patrick Seus,