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    Donanimhaber Forum Review
    13.03.2015: Donanimhaber Forumflag

    NH-C14 Review

    "Soğutucudan ses seviyesi noktasında ben memnun kaldım. Fanlar yine Noctua kalitesinde olduğundan dolayı 1200 RPM'de rahatsız edici bir sese sahip değiller. Yine istenirse voltaj düşürücü adaptörler devreye sokulabilir. Macun olarak diğer testlerde de stok macunlarla karşılaştırmaya tuttuğum tabi NT-H1 var."

    Test verdict: "Kasanın genişliğiyle ilgili sorun yaşayan kişilere NH-C14'ü rahatlıkla tavsiye edebilirim(tabi bulabilirseniz.) Zira kendi kulvarında pek bir rakibi yok gibi." (Ali Emre Alıcı, Donanimhaber Forum)
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    05.02.2015: Tech-Critter.comflag

    NH-C14 Review

    "So even if the Noctua NH-C14 didn't deliver the extreme cooling that we normally see from Noctua, it really isn't the game Noctua themselves are playing at here; rather, the key is quiet cooling and they did remarkably well on this area. The dual NF-P14 mounted on the cooler is barely audible over my mechanical HDDs while the system is tested on load."

    Test verdict: "Having the C-Type cooler is a key option when building on slim profile chassis like the BitFenix Pandora that we reviewed recently as one have to consider the clearance of the coolers. This is also a great cooling solution when you require that extra draft of air towards your motherboard CPU area, cooling down the components around the CPU area, or rather, the M.2 PCI-E SSD drive thats plugged in close to that area." (Clement Thien,
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    08.10.2014: HWready.itflag

    NH-C14 Review

    "Il modello L9i è davvero molto un prodotto interessante per quanto piccolo fa il suo dovere. I due fratelli maggiori NH-C14 – NH-L12 sono davvero potenti, il modello C14 è un pochino ingombrante, prima di acquistare accertarsi sempre dell’eventuale compatibilità con le RAM, non ci si deve dimenticare che monta 2 ventole da 140mm e questa sua caratterista lo rende anche paurosamente efficiente."

    Test verdict: "Solito standard qualitativo di Noctua, l’azienda Autriaca non delude mai. Silenziosi, performanti e di alta qualità, per non parlare dei Bundle sempre completi." (Santoro Luigi,
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    04.10.2014: TechSupportForum.comflag

    NH-C14 Review

    "When I compared the NH-C14 to the NH-D15 that I reviewed a while back, the NH-C14 did exceptionally well. While gaming, expect to have an average processor temperature of about 70C (158F), however, your results will vary. Additionally, when at full operational power, noise from the fans is barely noticeable and the room is still peaceful (Or filled with gun fire from your online first-person shooting game)."

    Test verdict: "Backed by a six year warranty, the NH-C14 is an excellent and well-crafted low profile processor cooler." (Justin Vendette,
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    02.06.2014: Tweaks.plflag

    NH-C14 Review

    "Jego zaletą jest przede wszystkim wysokość, która umożliwi pracę w komputerach typu HTPC przy zachowaniu topowej wydajności. Wliczając do tego fakt, że montaż jest bardzo prosty, w komplecie otrzymujemy bardzo dobrą pastę, wentylatory są dość ciche i Noctua daje nam sześć lat gwarancji to z czystym sumieniem możemy C14 dać ocenę 5/5 oraz rekomendację w aż trzech kategoriach: jakość, wydajność, kultura pracy!"

    Test verdict: "Noctua NH-C14 to bardzo udany cooler." (Marcin Żyto,

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24.04.2015 - NH-L9x65
Test verdict: "Ci sentiamo di consigliare caldamente il nuovo Noctua per tutti gli usi, non solo per HTPC, tenere testa e battere soluzioni più grosse dimostra la cura in cui Noctua ripone nei suoi prodotti." (Michele Mura,

22.04.2015 - NH-U9S
Test verdict: "In the end, the Noctua NH-D9L, U9S and L9x65 are certainly among the best 92 mm low-profile coolers in the market that money can buy. For rig builders who are planning to set up a small HTPC and small form factor system, these coolers could be the perfect choice for you!" (Kevin Owi Kheng Him,

22.04.2015 - The Tech Buyer's Guru NH-L9x65
Test verdict: "All in all, then, the Noctua NH-L9x65 offers a winning combination of build quality, features, and performance for a niche, informed audience, willing to work within its limits to achieve truly stellar performance in an ultra-compact form factor." (Ari Altmann, The Tech Buyer's Guru)

21.04.2015 - NH-L9x65
Test verdict: "Noctua hat mit dem kompakten NH-L9x65 einen weiteren, sehr kompakten aber zugleich leistungsstarken Kühler für ITX Systeme bzw. HTPCs auf den Markt gebracht." (Denis Emmerich,